What is the difference of an on-page and off-page optimization?

  • On-Page optimization is working on elements within a website that make it favorable in the eyes of a search engine such as Google. This includes providing structure for the data on your website, optimizing the content to be more Google-readable, aligning all the content of the site to be more focused on certain topics you want to rank, and inserting mark-ups and snippets that would be displayed on search engine results once your website appears.

  • Off-Page optimization involves SEO activities that do not involve working with the actual website itself. 

  • At its core is link building which is done through different methods. This includes placing articles in relevant publications, reaching out to relevant blogs to carry articles, or building citations in powerful websites such as Yelp that points back to your site, and other activities that help increase and improve your business' digital footprint.
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