How to add conversion tracking code for Shopify using new AdWords interface?

In your Google Adwords dashboard, select the wrench icon in the top right corner.

Google AdWords - How to setup a conversion

Next, select website from the following conversion tracking options:

Google AdWords - Website Conversion Tracking

Next you will need to create your conversion action:

  1. For your conversion name you can put "Purchase" since that is the action the user will be taking on your Shopify store.
  2. Category, select Purchase/Sale
  3. Value, select "Use different values for each conversion"
  4. Count, select "Every" since every conversion has a value
You leave the default options in place (this can be changed according to your preferences).
  • Conversion window: 30 days
  • View-through conversion window: 1 day
  • Included in "Conversion": Yes
  • Attibution model: Last click

Once you have the AdWords conversion setup, click create and continue to generate your tracking codes. Select the "Install the tag yourself" option.

Next go to your Shopify Admin Dashboard, and navigate to Settings > Checkout.

Scroll down to the section called "Addition Scripts"

Now you will need to input the Google AdWords Conversion Tracking code that you configure in your AdWords account into this box.

You will need to select both scripts and input them into the additional scripts section on your Shopify store.

Once that is done, you will need to replace the 'value: 1.0, with the following 'value': {{ total_price | money_without_currency }},

As an added measure you can add the following two lines above and below your script to ensure the tracking code only tracks unique sessions rather then counting users that may return to the checkout page in their browsers mutliple times after a purchase. The code is:

{& if_first_time_accessed %}

{% endif %}

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